Knutsford – Cheshire

A stunning studio a stones throw outside of Knutsford in a quiet country retreat

We have over 600sq ft of space perfect for bands with separate large vocal booth, live room and control room all within line of site from the control room. This is perfect for tracking bands live and giving song separation from the drums, vocals and guitars.

We have a Neve Genesys Black desk which provides 8 channels of 1073 mic/line pre’s which has been ramped up with individual Neve 1084 channel EQ’s, VCA dynamics. We also have a further 8 Api and Neve 1073 mic pre’s integrated with our Pro Tools HDX MADI system which also connects our extensive array hi-end modern and vintage outboard equipment.

Acoustics are so important in a studio environment and we have ensured this is one of the best listening and tracking environments in the UK. All rooms have designed and built by Roger Darcy for optimum recording and listening with monitoring by ATC – the legendary SCM300ASL.

Microphone selection mics including a rare vintage 1960’s AKG C24 (which has to be heard to be believed) as well as Royer, Neumann, Sennhesier and more.

We also have on hire our in-house USA Custom Pork Pie drum kit, Remo congas and a vast array of percussion.

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